Photography Gear for Shooting Weddings

I usually shoot with a Canon 5D Mark IV for digital photos and a Leica M6 for film, but today I’ll just focus on digital. While it’s relatively new to my collection, but I already can’t imagine shooting without it. The Mark IV is a real workhorse camera which is great for strenuous shoots like weddings. It got a much-welcomed megapixel increase from its predecessor, meaning you’ll get more detail and higher resolution than on previous models. Continue reading “Photography Gear for Shooting Weddings”


How to Photograph Groomsmen at a Wedding

Photographing groomsmen can be a little bit tricky because the attention span tends to be a bit shorter than photographing the bridesmaids. One of my main goals is to try and keep things moving and interesting, and sometimes that means in addition to shooting fast, I’m actually telling a joke or two. I’ll leave the jokes to myself. My goal in shooting a group of groomsmen, are to photograph them altogether, as well as each one of them individually, and each one of them individually with the groom. Continue reading “How to Photograph Groomsmen at a Wedding”


Bride and Rose : Asia’s First wedding concept store and Bride club

Planning your wedding day must be the most enjoyable time in your life, though sometimes it might be a bit complicated. Throughout the last few years, everything in the wedding industry has evolved. Today, Couples usually have a lot of choice about the wedding style, what they reserve for the wedding venue, and how they build relationships with their wedding vendors.

Don’t worry, Bride and Rose will be with you every step of the way. Bride and Rose, Asia’s first wedding concept store, has announced the launch of its first store at IL Terrazzo Mall, Tomas Morato, Quezon City, Philippines, and this October 2019. This innovative store will be a co-working space and a bride-club providing various wedding essentials. Continue reading “Bride and Rose : Asia’s First wedding concept store and Bride club”


When Is It Time to Seek Couple Therapy?

Determining the right time to get couple therapy and making the initial steps to getting rid of the complications you face will be easier if you know the signs or symptoms to look for. If you as well as your spouse are going through any of the signs then it is time to get help, most importantly if you love each other and do not want the matrimonial relationship to end.

Main signs that you might need an expert help is when you observe that communication between you and your spouse is negative. If you feel that talking with each other turns into unpleasant and unfavorable and you do not have anything good or nice to say to each other, for any reason, Continue reading “When Is It Time to Seek Couple Therapy?”


Create Unforgettable Moments Through Wedding Photography

Wedding photography is a combination of an exciting profession and a very creative business that captures unforgettable occasions of an individual’s life. It has variety of services from wedding engagement, announcement, reception, and ceremony. Today, the advanced technology has made an effective way for digital photography that includes a new area for the wedding photography. You will find two kinds of photography which you can use to make the occasion more unforgettable, known as, photojournalistic and conventional. Photojournalism is focused on spontaneous and casual shots. With the combination of contemporary styles of digital photography, you will get a more lively wedding photography. Continue reading “Create Unforgettable Moments Through Wedding Photography”