Discover a gold mine for your big day

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Gold Wedding Bands

If you’re looking to create a memory that will last forever, Jewelry Vortex, has the wedding, engagement, or “special occasion” solution that you can definitely wrap your fingers around. Whether you’re looking for gold wedding bands , diamond, silver, or titanium jewelry, gold chains, or just a set of matching promise rings, Jewelry Vortex has the highest standard of jewelry products that will be certain to please the diamond in your life.

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Quality Wedding Video – Why You Need It

Your wedding video might be the perfect moment of your special day enhanced with joy, love, and emotions. Therefore you must have a video with excellent quality, music to enhance the moment, slow motion that can showcase your love story. Now wedding videos tend to be more than movies documented on a tape. Making a wedding video includes all specific details with a natural method which can boost each detail of the wedding ceremony.

You will find fantastic advancement in the video technology throughout the last decade, so the video has become such a great part of the wedding. you can also find improvements in the favorite wedding style of videography , then the only question that still exists is : Who to hire and how can you choose the best videographer for your big day . Continue reading “Quality Wedding Video – Why You Need It”


5 Weird Asian Wedding Traditions

Wedding is actually a universal celebration, but traditions differ based on country and culture. These are the five weird Asian wedding traditions and see how weird these fun weddings can be!

South Korea: Groom Spanking

In South Korea, guests must play a nastier prank. The groom is bound and tied by his friends then he will be spanked on his bare feet with a bamboo or a Corvina fish. ! Though nobody knows who initiated the tradition, it is claimed that the practice can improve the groom. That is why the bride doesn’t want to get involved! Continue reading “5 Weird Asian Wedding Traditions”


Top 10 wedding planning tips and ideas

Having a stress-free wedding is a wish of every couple planning their big day. There are steps you need to undertake in order to have a successful wedding. Early preparations are one of the key things to consider as a way to avoid stressful wedding.

The earlier that you start preparing yourself the better time will be had for guests as well as the couple getting married. Furthermore, early drafting of the budget will help you to plan how much you will spend and even how you will source the money. Below are the best tips to consider while planning a wedding. Continue reading “Top 10 wedding planning tips and ideas”