Using Numerology Compatibility to Plan Your Marriage

Many individuals consider numerology for suggestions when coming up with the most crucial decisions, and finding a soul mate is among them. With the use of Numerology compatibility calculator, we can determine whether our spouse is our ideal match or not. Additionally, anyone who has already found his or her soul mate and are intending to get married will surely value good vibrations from the proper numbers. So, if you would like to check how compatible you along with your spouse are, and discover your fortunate number for your wedding date, be sure you keep reading this article. Continue reading “Using Numerology Compatibility to Plan Your Marriage”

Why Are Wedding Colors So Important

Let be real for a minute here; it’s your wedding day, and you should be in charge of all of the decisions of what type of wedding menu will be served and what your bridesmaids or groomsmen will wear, but that is not always the case. Sometimes mothers or future mothers-in-law take charge, and your wants and wishes get pushed to the side. Generally, though, you will have control of one thing, and that is the color theme for the wedding. This may not seem like a big deal, but it is the colors you select for your wedding that affect the theme, unity, mood, and, most importantly, express our personality.


You may be asking why is color so crucial in helping you pick your theme? Well, let me tell you. Say you’re selected more cool colors such as blues, browns, and grays those colors would be great for a formal, sophisticated, or winter theme. Maybe you chose warm colors such as yellow, green, orange. These colors would be great for a spring, whimsical, or country theme for your wedding. Certain colors are seen more with some themes than others. I am not saying that you can’t have a winter-themed wedding with pastel pink, purple, and white but not commonly seen. The great thing about color is that it can bring unity across the wedding. For example, you’re not sure what color to get the plates and table clothes consider using one of the wedding colors you selected, and it will make tie into the flowers and  a matching wedding program template. By having a color scheme, it can take out the guesswork and bring all the elements together.

The mood of an event can be one of the most memorable things your guest will remember. They may forget what type of food you served or who was invited, but most people, when thinking back on an event, will remember how they felt and the vibe they got from an event. One of the quickest ways to set the mood of your event is the color scheme you select. There is a whole subject out there on color theory that you are more than welcome to explore, but for the sake of your wedding we are just going to say the color combinations you select will affect how your guest feel and what they will think of your special day so choose wisely.


The most unique and essential thing about ourselves is the personality that we have formed through our life experiences and hardships. Weddings are supposed to be fun and show a representation of who our future spouse and ourselves are. Color is a great way to express your personality in your wedding. Color speaks to us all, and we all have options on certain colors, even if we don’t think we do. The color we surround ourselves within our daily lives says a lot, and there is no better way to share a part of ourselves than through color.

Whether you like cool or warm tones, the decision is yours. Don’t be afraid to try out some different colors until you find what most fits you. Color is fun, so don’t think too hard about it and dive right in. Whichever direction you decide to go to your wedding colors, the wedding will be uniquely yours, so enjoy it.


Elope Ideas for your wedding

Need Elope Ideas? Are you thinking about eloping? It’s definitely a type of wedding to consider! Here’s my personal story – I eloped with my husband! We talked and talked and talked about a big wedding, but could never seem to figure out how to make it happen. It was too much money, so much planning, family squabbles, where to have it, and drama after drama after drama…so we decided to elope! For us, we chose to keep it simple and cheap, but yet we wanted to do something really special for the day because it was really important to us. Continue reading “Elope Ideas for your wedding”

Dos and Don’ts of a Wedding Slide Show

Your wedding day is one of the most memorable days in your life, as it symbolizes a significant transition from singleness to marriage. The wedding ceremony is the epitome of the bond between a bride and groom, and no effort goes to waste in making the event memorable.

To make the event’s memory’s last, you can honor the couple by creating a wedding slideshow highlighting their story. Here are some do’s and don’ts that will come in handy. Continue reading “Dos and Don’ts of a Wedding Slide Show”

Why using Jolly Wedding for planning your wedding?

A wedding planner can help reduce your problems that are usually found when planning your wedding. A great deal of stress is common thing when organizing your big event and you often get worried about the necessary arrangements, the execution of your wedding party and much more. A reliable wedding planner will certainly help you to eliminate the stress from your wedding preparations and make everything under control. The wedding planner can ease your burden when you plan your wedding party because it will be an unforgettable day in your life. Continue reading “Why using Jolly Wedding for planning your wedding?”