Why do I need a wedding consultant?

A wedding requires many hours of detailed planning and if you’re like most couples you have very busy lives. You’d like to spend any extra time together having fun on Sanibel and Captiva and the surrounding beaches, not worrying about the contract for the musicians or how many servers you’ll need for the reception. I am a resident of Captiva and my partner is a resident of Ft. Myers. this enables us to make all your arrangements for you, on everything from bakers to bands. Continue reading “Why do I need a wedding consultant?”


Evaluating A Wedding Photographer’s Portfolio

Many couples in Singapore make the similar mistake when considering a wedding photographer’s portfolio. They only pay their attention on the unsuitable details! Allow me to explain. As you browse the wedding photos on the photographer’s portfolio, maybe you don’t like the dress the bride is wearing or perhaps, you don’t like the style and color of their flowers. Since you also do not like such details, it is easy to enjoy the photo in a poor light and bad poses. As your focus is pointed on such irrelevant details, it is quite easy to undervalue the real beauty behind the wedding photograph.

Keep in mind, when taking a look at a Singapore wedding photographer portfolio, it doesn’t make any difference if you do not like their dresses, how they physically look, etc. It is regarding the quality of the photo captured by the Singapore wedding photographer – their application of light, composition, color, and angles, etc. The wedding photographer is not showing you just what your wedding will appear like – they are showing you the styles of photos you may expect from your special event. Continue reading “Evaluating A Wedding Photographer’s Portfolio”


What to Expect from Your Wedding Planner for Your Cayman Cruise Wedding

Engaged? Congratulations! It’s time to set your wedding planning in motion!

Designing your cruise wedding in the Cayman Islands is exciting. It requires meticulous planning to pick the venue off the ship and take care of decor and guests, even if you are hosting an intimate Cayman wedding. This is where wedding planners come to your rescue! They design personalised Cayman weddings and remove any stress or worries about your special day. Continue reading “What to Expect from Your Wedding Planner for Your Cayman Cruise Wedding”


Tips for Choosing a Beach Wedding Cake

Now that that the major details of your beach wedding have been settled – you’ve booked the location, found the perfect beach wedding dress, and sent out the beach-themed invitations – you can now focus on selecting the perfect beach wedding cake for your island wedding day.

Tropical Flowers

The abundance of tropical flowers found at a beach wedding could be an inspiration when selecting a wedding cake. Regardless of the actual cake you choose, having it adorned with floral creations in either icing or other edibles is a creative way to incorporate it into your beach wedding theme. You can even have your cake decorated with tiny bouquets, cascades, or wreathes of fresh flowers for an extra-special effect your guests won’t ever forget. Continue reading “Tips for Choosing a Beach Wedding Cake”


How to Deal with Expectations Within Your Relationships

It doesn’t matter what type of relationship you have. Expectations of the people in the marriage play a significant role in determining the strength of that romance relationship. In this article , I would like to discuss about forventningsafstemning skema by showing you how unrealistic expectation can cause broken relationship in your marriage.

Problems come up in any relationship when you expect a greater level of reaction or action than the other is able to do. Typically, our expectations are inherited from how we were brought up. Additionally we start our expectations to what we believe to be the ideal outcomes for ourselves. Continue reading “How to Deal with Expectations Within Your Relationships”