Photography and Your Destination Wedding

Destination wedding is romantic and exciting. However, it can be difficult once you begin organizing and dealing with the details of the wedding, such as destination wedding photography. if you are planning a wedding in a completely remote area, such as the Tuscany- Italy, Iceland, Paris, Germany, Malta or engagement photography in Kenya. You can hire a destination wedding photographer who is familiar with the destination area. Continue reading “Photography and Your Destination Wedding”

Some factors to consider when finding UK wedding photographer

One of the most typical mistakes made by the bride and groom when planning for their wedding in UK is taking too much time to find a photographer. Keep in mind, UK wedding photographers must be booked well in advance so locating the best one within a short amount of time is impossible. I highly recommend finding the best one about a year before your wedding day. Actually, this can be done in shorter time but you want the best you can hire and not go through the disappointment when they are fully booked. Continue reading “Some factors to consider when finding UK wedding photographer”

Photography Gear for Shooting Weddings

I usually shoot with a Canon 5D Mark IV for digital photos and a Leica M6 for film, but today I’ll just focus on digital. While it’s relatively new to my collection, but I already can’t imagine shooting without it. The Mark IV is a real workhorse camera which is great for strenuous shoots like weddings. It got a much-welcomed megapixel increase from its predecessor, meaning you’ll get more detail and higher resolution than on previous models. Continue reading “Photography Gear for Shooting Weddings”

How to Photograph Groomsmen at a Wedding

Photographing groomsmen can be a little bit tricky because the attention span tends to be a bit shorter than photographing the bridesmaids. One of my main goals is to try and keep things moving and interesting, and sometimes that means in addition to shooting fast, I’m actually telling a joke or two. I’ll leave the jokes to myself. My goal in shooting a group of groomsmen, are to photograph them altogether, as well as each one of them individually, and each one of them individually with the groom. Continue reading “How to Photograph Groomsmen at a Wedding”