How to Photograph Groomsmen at a Wedding

Photographing groomsmen can be a little bit tricky because the attention span tends to be a bit shorter than photographing the bridesmaids. One of my main goals is to try and keep things moving and interesting, and sometimes that means in addition to shooting fast, I’m actually telling a joke or two. I’ll leave the jokes to myself. My goal in shooting a group of groomsmen, are to photograph them altogether, as well as each one of them individually, and each one of them individually with the groom. Continue reading “How to Photograph Groomsmen at a Wedding”

Create Unforgettable Moments Through Wedding Photography

Wedding photography is a combination of an exciting profession and a very creative business that captures unforgettable occasions of an individual’s life. It has variety of services from wedding engagement, announcement, reception, and ceremony. Today, the advanced technology has made an effective way for digital photography that includes a new area for the wedding photography. You will find two kinds of photography which you can use to make the occasion more unforgettable, known as, photojournalistic and conventional. Photojournalism is focused on spontaneous and casual shots. With the combination of contemporary styles of digital photography, you will get a more lively wedding photography. Continue reading “Create Unforgettable Moments Through Wedding Photography”

Quality Wedding Video – Why You Need It

Your wedding video might be the perfect moment of your special day enhanced with joy, love, and emotions. Therefore you must have a video with excellent quality, music to enhance the moment, slow motion that can showcase your love story. Now wedding videos tend to be more than movies documented on a tape. Making a wedding video includes all specific details with a natural method which can boost each detail of the wedding ceremony.

You will find fantastic advancement in the video technology throughout the last decade, so the video has become such a great part of the wedding. you can also find improvements in the favorite wedding style of videography , then the only question that still exists is : Who to hire and how can you choose the best videographer for your big day . Continue reading “Quality Wedding Video – Why You Need It”

Why a Career in Photography Might Be for You

Many of us have dreamed about a successful career in photography. Whether the dream was of shooting photos of famous models in exotic locations, or capturing images of wildlife in their natural habitat, the idea of an exotic photography job approaches mythic proportions.

In real life, however, the image isn’t always as clear. A career in photography is difficult as the field is very hard to break into. A successful photographer needs not only a keen eye and creativity, but must also be hard working, able to adapt to changing technologies and, in most cases, adept at running a small business. With the right photography degree and desire, there’s no reason, however, that you can’t become one of the successful ones. Continue reading “Why a Career in Photography Might Be for You”

The most common shots found in the wedding Album

Photography is an important piece of a wedding in Singapore as this is commonly used to capture some wonderful moments of your big day. Annabel law productions can capture both casual, formal, posed pictures of the wedding party and wedding guests and even candid shots which occur throughout the reception and ceremony. The following are the most typical shots found in your wedding album with the intention to gather your memories and can be shared to others during your life and to get the best photos taken by the professionals you can hire annabel law productions photography for wedding.

Engagement Photos
These are usually taken a few months before your wedding. The photos of the wedding couple tend to be formal, but they may also be casual or candid shots. It is all your choice as they are your photos. Such photos are usually found in newspapers as well as other publications to go along with engagement announcements. Continue reading “The most common shots found in the wedding Album”