Choosing Wedding and Engagement Rings

Trying to choose the perfect wedding and engagement rings, as well as the idea of being able to pay for them bogs many couples down. It shouldn’t be this way. In fact, the purchase of wedding and engagement rings can only follow rules of the heart. In fact, according to the norms of engagement etiquette, an engagement ring is not even an essential. It is part of the lovely romanticism, however! Nonetheless, there are a few pointers couples can follow to make the wedding and engagement ring purchase easier and more fun. Continue reading “Choosing Wedding and Engagement Rings”


Guides to Finding Cheap Wedding Accessories

If you have used up the bulk of your wedding budget on the key features of your wedding, you may be worried about all those little extras you still need to purchase, such as accessories for your bridal attire, items for your attendants, candles for the ceremony… the list may seem endless. But don’t worry (that’s bad for your skin). Read through these pointers for some insight on how and where to find some of the more common wedding accessories you are looking for.

Items for the Bride to Wear

Bridal accessories do not need to cost an arm and a leg to bring the added allure you want on your wedding day. Continue reading “Guides to Finding Cheap Wedding Accessories”


Tips to finding cheap wedding dresses

For a bride who is on a limited budget and is unable to afford to pay thousand dollars on a beautiful wedding dress, you are not alone. The good thing is you can find solutions for you to look for the suitable dress without going over budget.

Undoubtedly the quality of the bridal dress is very important. You do not want to sacrifice top quality to save some more money. The matter with wedding dresses is they will be worn once. It is crucial that you will be enjoyable with the dress. Rather than seeking for dresses with wasteful beading or even other accessories, just try to choose something a bit more simple. You will discover modern and fashionable cheap dresses and match it with appealing jewelry. Continue reading “Tips to finding cheap wedding dresses”


Wedding Photo Booth Rental

The amazing look on the face of the mother of the bride as she sees her daughter – her pearl – having the time of her life. The radiance on the face of the couples as they receive their memory book. The overflowing joy and laughter from the photo booth at a wedding party. Weddings are sacred and special occasions that deserve preparations befitting of the event. Your wedding photo booth in Vancouver is a measurement of the uniqueness of this memorable experience.

Photo Booth Wedding DIY and Ideas – Hire Forever Captured for your Special Day
At Forever Captured, we value the memories special events can create, and this is why we provide only the best, elegant-styled wedding photo booth rental services in Vancouver. Regardless of which of our photo booth wedding packages you choose, you can rest assured the high quality photos will be customizable to include logos or texts of you and your guests. Continue reading “Wedding Photo Booth Rental”


What to Expect from Your Wedding Planner for Your Cayman Cruise Wedding

Engaged? Congratulations! It’s time to set your wedding planning in motion!

Designing your cruise wedding in the Cayman Islands is exciting. It requires meticulous planning to pick the venue off the ship and take care of decor and guests, even if you are hosting an intimate Cayman wedding. This is where wedding planners come to your rescue! They design personalised Cayman weddings and remove any stress or worries about your special day. Continue reading “What to Expect from Your Wedding Planner for Your Cayman Cruise Wedding”