Choosing the Best Flowers for a Wedding

Weddings are just not complete without flowers. Choosing the right flowers helps promote the theme of the wedding, reflects the bride’s personality, and helps make the wedding more memorable for the guests. There are certain things to keep in mind when it comes to choosing the best wedding flowers.

First of all, don’t be tempted to overdo it. The flowers are just one part of the decoration at a wedding. They should complement the rest of the decor, not overwhelm it. Less is more when it comes to wedding flowers.

Pay attention to your budget before you visit your florist. Floral arrangements, especially with more expensive types of flowers such as roses, can add up fast. Discuss your budget with your florist first so you don’t get your heart set on unrealistically costly arrangements. Continue reading “Choosing the Best Flowers for a Wedding”

Fabulous wedding Venues and Perfect Suppliers

Your wedding day is a memory to be treasured by all who attended. Select your suppliers carefully for they are the building blocks upon which your wedding day memories will rest.

Sounds like a Chinese proverb doesn’t it? but over time memories fade and your guests will probably forget what readings were read at your ceremony, what they ate at your reception, and maybe even the finer details of your dress. What will never be forgotten however is the atmosphere of the day. This is created by your choice of venue and all the little details from the type of transport the bride arrived at the church in through to the favours on the tables and the style of music the band played. Continue reading “Fabulous wedding Venues and Perfect Suppliers”

On The Day Co-ordination

How many times have you walked down the aisle in your dreams? Today is the day when you do it for real. You have worked so hard to create this perfect day and you deserve to enjoy every moment of it.

The big day has finally arrived but someone needs to make sure the venues are being set up correctly. Are the favours and table place cards in the right places? Has the florist remembered the buttonholes? Where are the Order of Service booklets? The Bridesmaid’s dresses need pressing, the groom’s taxi hasn’t arrived and with only one hour to go the bride still has her hair in curlers!

The perfect wedding morning you envisaged of champagne breakfast in bed and leisurely preparation can easily turn into frantic mayhem and stress. Continue reading “On The Day Co-ordination”

Train to Be a Wedding Planner

The Wedding Planning Industry is a relatively new but fast growing sector in the UK. Each year weddings get more complicated and more expensive to arrange. Health and Safety legislation becomes evermore complicated and restrictive to the events industry as a whole and wedding suppliers can be particularly volatile to the ever-changing demands of wedding trends.

To be a successful Wedding Planner you need to have not only a creative flair and a passion for beautiful weddings, you’ll also need a good head for business, an instinctive knowledge of what will or will not work, a highly organised mind with the ability to think on your feet, and you’ll need to be a good negotiator with the ability to inspire, enthuse and empathise with everyone you work with – from your suppliers to the bride’s mother. Continue reading “Train to Be a Wedding Planner”