Train to Be a Wedding Planner

The Wedding Planning Industry is a relatively new but fast growing sector in the UK. Each year weddings get more complicated and more expensive to arrange. Health and Safety legislation becomes evermore complicated and restrictive to the events industry as a whole and wedding suppliers can be particularly volatile to the ever-changing demands of wedding trends.

To be a successful Wedding Planner you need to have not only a creative flair and a passion for beautiful weddings, you’ll also need a good head for business, an instinctive knowledge of what will or will not work, a highly organised mind with the ability to think on your feet, and you’ll need to be a good negotiator with the ability to inspire, enthuse and empathise with everyone you work with – from your suppliers to the bride’s mother.

There is currently precious little regulation in the wedding planning industry and although there are plenty of courses offering to train prospective candidates, none of these are currently considered to be a definitive qualification.

Liz Potter, Director and founder of Weddings Co-ordinated has been a successful professional wedding co-ordinator for Ten Years. In that time she has gained a wealth of experience which has enabled her to devise a series of training programmes suitable for anyone considering a career in Wedding Co-ordination. The programmes cover a wide range of topics, practical matters and essential information which initially will help candidates to decide whether this truly is the profession for them. The Weddings Co-ordinated training courses offer a no-nonsense approach which tells it like it is: Wedding co-ordination is not for the faint-hearted nor for anyone not willing to put their heart, soul, money and practically all their time (especially in the summer months) into their job. However, for those who are truly dedicated the rewards are great and the job satisfaction is second to none.

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