Fabulous wedding Venues and Perfect Suppliers

Your wedding day is a memory to be treasured by all who attended. Select your suppliers carefully for they are the building blocks upon which your wedding day memories will rest.

Sounds like a Chinese proverb doesn’t it? but over time memories fade and your guests will probably forget what readings were read at your ceremony, what they ate at your reception, and maybe even the finer details of your dress. What will never be forgotten however is the atmosphere of the day. This is created by your choice of venue and all the little details from the type of transport the bride arrived at the church in through to the favours on the tables and the style of music the band played. And of course, your choice of photographer is paramount to ensure that those memories live on in glorious Technicolor for you, your guests and future generations to enjoy.

Your wedding is created through your choice of suppliers – you must select them carefully and ensure they understand the overall feel of the day which you are trying to create. A good supplier will consider themselves to be a small (and naturally vital) part of a wider picture. And you too, must consider the overall feel of the wedding you are creating when choosing which venue and suppliers to book.

At Weddings co-ordinated we have extensive knowledge of a huge number of venues and suppliers. We can help you with the big decisions – (finding the perfect venue for example) and the smaller ones (such as sourcing those last minute must-have table place name card holders which you saw in a magazine yonks ago but can’t seem to find anywhere).

We are also happy to come with you to look at venues, check over contracts for you and even pace the high-streets with you to offer advice when you are trying on different styles of bridal gowns, veils etc.

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