How to choose the Best Beach Wedding Dress

Exchanging wedding vows along the shores of a tropical island is becoming an increasingly popular choice among engaged couples. Nothing makes a cherished wedding photo more beautiful than a backdrop of endless blue ocean and a golden sunset. At the same time, this type of wedding calls for a more informal style of outfit – the beach wedding dress.

Dressing for the Occasion

The moment someone says “beach wedding”, we instinctively envision a more casual-looking wedding dress than that of the traditional gown worn for a church wedding. Images of strapless necklines and layers of chiffon billowing in the wind come readily to mind. But there is no other type of wedding where you can stretch your imagination more than for a beach wedding. Long, sleek and elegant, or short, trendy and fun, beach wedding dresses can run the gamut of cuts and styles, and still carry that special air that says “bride.”


On a practical level, beach wedding dresses typically take less time to order because of their simpler design. They also involve less fabric and embellishments. Oftentimes though, you can find the perfect beach wedding dress right in the store, needing only the slightest of alterations, if any at all.

Weather Considerations

Even though your wedding is taking place on a tropical island, there is a chance the weather will not cooperate with your plans. Wind and rain happen, and, depending on the time of year, sunset can bring a chill to the air.

If you choose a long gown, consider one with less fabric in the skirt just in case windy conditions blow it around. You don’t want to get tangled in your dress as you walk to join your groom. Make sure if you are wearing a veil or a hat that it is securely pinned to your hair. Speaking of hair, long and flowing is beautiful for a beach wedding, but consider an up-do as a plan B if you see it’s very windy that day. Should the day turn out to be cooler than you had anticipated, a small shawl to match your dress is an ideal option to keep you warm.


The bridal ensemble for a beach wedding looks best when it is free of many of the accessories usually worn for a traditional church wedding. Simple should be the rule of thumb.

If wearing your hair long, don a garland of fresh tropical flowers in place of a veil. A braided up-do can be embellished with decorative barrettes. Even a ponytail can look chic when held back with a string of beads or pearls. Whatever your preference of hairstyle, adding only the simplest of details will give your bridal look a casual, breezy allure.

As for footwear, satin high heels are probably not the best choice for a beach wedding. It’s hard to walk gracefully when you are sinking into the sand. Instead, wear a pair of classy flip-flops or elegant strappy sandals. Or, as many beach brides do, consider foregoing shoes altogether and walk down your sandy aisle with bare feet.


There is no more appropriate a place to carry a bouquet of flowers than for a beach wedding. Fresh tropical flowers in lush, island hues will complement any style of dress you choose. Even traditional wedding flowers like roses and lilies will seem more ‘ beachy ‘ when hand-tied into a small bouquet or placed in a basket filled with tropical greenery.


Casual yet elegant with a scenic backdrop of sun, surf, and sand, beach weddings are what romantic fairytales are made of. With the perfect dress and accoutrements, and of course the perfect man, a beach wedding will fulfill your dreams of the perfect wedding day.

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