Tips for Choosing a Beach Wedding Cake

Now that that the major details of your beach wedding have been settled – you’ve booked the location, found the perfect beach wedding dress, and sent out the beach-themed invitations – you can now focus on selecting the perfect beach wedding cake for your island wedding day.

Tropical Flowers

The abundance of tropical flowers found at a beach wedding could be an inspiration when selecting a wedding cake. Regardless of the actual cake you choose, having it adorned with floral creations in either icing or other edibles is a creative way to incorporate it into your beach wedding theme. You can even have your cake decorated with tiny bouquets, cascades, or wreathes of fresh flowers for an extra-special effect your guests won’t ever forget.

Sandcastle Wedding Cakes

What could be more appropriate for a beach wedding cake than one in the shape of a sandcastle? Complete with natural brown sugar as “sand,” your sandcastle beach wedding cake can be as elaborate as your imagination will allow. Go all out and add seashells, flowers, and oyster “pearls” to dress it up. And don’t forget to place the Queen and King somewhere to complete the picture.

Sea Life Inspired Wedding Cakes

Dolphins, sea horses, starfish – all these darling creatures of the sea can be incorporated onto your beach wedding cake. Have your designer create them in molded chocolate amid frosty waves of sea-colored icing. Or, place your bride and groom cake topper onto an open oyster shell confection of creamy white chocolate. Let you imagination run wild; the possibilities are endless.

Seashells, Seashells, Seashells

Seashells are one of the most common decorative elements used at a beach wedding, and can easily become part of your wedding cake. Seashells made from chocolate, icing, or candy in colors that complement the rest of your decorations are all creative ways to adorn your beach wedding cake. Even real seashells can be placed onto the cake, but just be sure they are large enough so that no one makes the mistake of biting into one! Another idea is to grace the shells with tiny tropical flowers for a truly unique-looking design.

Other Beach Wedding Cake Themes

Inspiration can be drawn from practically anything when it comes to creating a beach wedding cake. The scenery around you can provide unlimited ideas. Beach and water sports can easily be incorporated into your beach wedding cake. Consider the happy bride and groom gleefully riding a crest of waves on a surfboard. Or, how about a volleyball net with sand and the bride and groom at either side? Any decoration in the form of waves and water will work well.

Can’t decide? Ask your cake designer for photos of previous beach wedding cakes he’s created and draw inspiration from these. A picture paints a thousand words, and just imagine the photos of your stunning beach wedding cake!

Another option you may consider is to forego the traditional wedding cake altogether and serve petit fours or cupcakes instead if your beach wedding is a more casual affair. They can just as easily be decorated with any of the above suggestions, and look just as fabulous.

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