Choosing Wedding and Engagement Rings

Trying to choose the perfect wedding and engagement rings, as well as the idea of being able to pay for them bogs many couples down. It shouldn’t be this way. In fact, the purchase of wedding and engagement rings can only follow rules of the heart. In fact, according to the norms of engagement etiquette, an engagement ring is not even an essential. It is part of the lovely romanticism, however! Nonetheless, there are a few pointers couples can follow to make the wedding and engagement ring purchase easier and more fun.

When to Buy the Ring

There is no particular time frame for the purchase of a wedding engagement ring. For example, the ring can be bought and given unexpectedly at the time the husband-to-be asks those quintessential words “Will you marry me?” Or, it can be chosen and purchased together any time after the happy couple decides to marry. Of course, an engagement ring is not essential wedding wear. But, the decision to buy a ring by the couple jointly, or by the giver alone is a totally personal choice.

Spending Limit

The reality is that you should spend what you want on your wedding and engagement rings, whether you can afford $400 or $4000 on a wedding engagement ring. As you are head over heels in love, and your bride-to-be is a considerate woman, she’ll love you whatever you decide on. The suggestion made by jewelry chains and diamond manufacturers is that the cost of a wedding engagement ring should equal around eight week’s salary. Of course, everyone doesn’t have two months worth of salary just sitting around waiting to be spent. The important part is that couples do not go in debt purchasing their rings. Instead, they should choose ones they both love that are within their spending limit.

Style of Ring

You don’t need to buy a diamond ring for your engagement or wedding ring. In fact, there are many other acceptable choices. It is true that diamonds are the usual stone for a wedding engagement ring, alternative gemstones with varying cuts and colors can, however, be just as adorable. You may already know your fiancĂ©e’s specific likes, and you may have discussed what kind of ring to purchase. This should give you a good idea of what to buy. Styles vary from a simple 18 ct gold band with a single stone to something more ornate with a patterned styling, perhaps to complement a woman’s existing jewelry.

Checking out her ring size is not difficult. If you haven’t got a dressmaker’s measuring tape, this can be done by tying a string around her ring finger (the finger between the middle finger and little finger on the left hand) and measuring it later. You can measure her finger surreptitiously during playful time or even when she is sleeping. Jewelry stores can help, of course, by providing a chart showing all the ring sizes grouped for easy reference.

If you are not sure of her ring style preference and you she might be better able to make the decision, or if she has already said “yes,” you can take her to the jewelry store with you. It is also possible to purchase a stone ahead of time and choose the ring band for its setting separately.


Many families have heirloom jewelry set aside for passing on to a new generation of newly-weds. A grandparent, a parent, or a special relative may be thrilled at the opportunity to gift a wedding engagement ring from a previous generation. Heirloom rings are particularly special because it sends the message that the couple truly intends to spend the rest of their lives together in order to keep the heirloom intact.


It is worthwhile to do some checking on diamond if you choose to go the traditional route with the ring. The best value for your money can be achieved by understanding the rule of the “four C’s” of diamonds: clarity, cut, color, and carat. Having even a rudimentary knowledge of what to look for in a ring will prevent you from being taken advantage of by a dealer whose reputation is not established.

Shopping Options

No matter where you purchase your engagement ring, you will get exactly what you pay for. At a chain store known for selling cheapish jewelry, you might only expect to find low quality diamonds or other gemstones. Going to a store specializing in top quality fine jewelry will assure you the everlasting quality engagement ring that you both desire.

Shops with a national brand, such as Tiffany’s, are where you are guaranteed to receive the quality you seek, but not every neighborhood has these name-brand stores. They can be relatively expensive, as well. Therefore, your best bet is to shop for an engagement ring at a store that has built a worthy reputation and values its good name.

Try to make purchasing of the wedding and engagement ring a non-stressful decision. If you have doubts about the style of wedding engagement ring to purchase, take the bride-to-be along with you. She’ll be thrilled to pick out her own gemstone and you won’t be mistaken about the sizing. You’ll both be satisfied that she is getting a ring that fits her best.

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