Evaluating A Wedding Photographer’s Portfolio

Many couples in Singapore make the similar mistake when considering a wedding photographer’s portfolio. They only pay their attention on the unsuitable details! Allow me to explain. As you browse the wedding photos on the photographer’s portfolio, maybe you don’t like the dress the bride is wearing or perhaps, you don’t like the style and color of their flowers. Since you also do not like such details, it is easy to enjoy the photo in a poor light and bad poses. As your focus is pointed on such irrelevant details, it is quite easy to undervalue the real beauty behind the wedding photograph.

Keep in mind, when taking a look at a Singapore wedding photographer portfolio, it doesn’t make any difference if you do not like their dresses, how they physically look, etc. It is regarding the quality of the photo captured by the Singapore wedding photographer – their application of light, composition, color, and angles, etc. The wedding photographer is not showing you just what your wedding will appear like – they are showing you the styles of photos you may expect from your special event.

When you browse each wedding photographer’s portfolio, pay attention on the creativity of their photos. Do you think that their photographs creative? Or do they look like the same cliché pictures you see everywhere else?

Before coming to decisions, there is something to bear in mind. Excellent photographers really know precisely the wedding party is not about them. Excellent wedding photographers will always be trying to produce exceptional photos for each wedding couple, while doing their very best to stay away from those cliché pictures. Nevertheless, in many cases, couples ask for such kinds of images and it is the photographer’s task to deliver it to them.

When their whole portfolio – or otherwise the most of it – seems cliché, there is a high probability it might be due to insufficient creativity on the photographer’s part. You will need a wedding photographer who is consistently forcing themselves to work perfectly.

Also, when browsing through a wedding photographer portfolio, you will need to see a combination of images. For instance, it is crucial the portfolio contains pictures not only of the ceremony but the whole day including preparation as well as the reception. Check for images shot outdoors and indoors, back-lit and low light; smiles or candid; groups of individuals; movement and action. When the whole portfolio consists of posed portraits of the wedding couple outdoors, it is best to hire another photographer.

After you’ve checked the wedding photographer’s work provided in their portfolio, I would strongly encourage you to ask to check a full wedding ceremony. Certain wedding photographers create 20 amazing photos from each wedding, but the leftover photos are a bit uninspired.   It is crucial to ensure that you are getting what you are paying for. A high priced, professional photographer must offer excellent work. A good wedding photographer creating their portfolio should show you a few excellent photos and a fresh documentary of their previous works.

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