Applying for Part-Time Jobs

Are you in a search for a part-time job? Whether you are a college or high school student trying to find a job opportunity with flexible working hours or if you are a full time worker who is thinking about supplementing your earnings with another job, you will quickly find job opportunities that you want to apply for. No matter if you apply in person, or online, you might ask yourself if it is better to submit a conventional job formal application, a resume, or both.

When choosing whether you should send the standard typical job application or your resume, there are some aspects you must consider.

Position: You can find some part-time jobs that demand a resume which is the standard company application. For instance, you would like to work as a cashier in the grocery store. You ask about a job and are instructed to complete the printed application form and submit it back. As most grocery stores only require a GED, high-school education, or a person who is currently in school (mostly basic entry-level part-time job), your traditional job application will do. But if you want to submit an application for a part time job working at night at medical care clinic as a receptionist, this type of position performs specific tasks when compared with a cashier at a supermarket. Your previous skills, education, training, and working experience signify a good possibility that help land the job; so, a resume highly recommended.

Impression: It’s also wise to think about the impression you would like to create. For example, you are submitting an application for a manufacturing job on the internet. The company provides an online application form for you to complete. With that in mind, they also allow you to upload a resume. What can you do? It would not adversely affect to do both; complete the online application form and also add your resume by uploading. The same is true for printed job application forms; fill out the application and include your resume to it.

When you have the option to send both a job application along with a resume when making an application for part-time jobs, go ahead, and do so. Nevertheless, you will need to keep in mind that you must not take any shortcuts. Even though you plan to submit a resume with your printed or even online job application form, still complete that application.

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