Tips for finding Singapore musicians for wedding

For anyone, in Singapore, who deals with the task of finding professional musicians to have at a performance at a wedding, here’s some information to help make your choice easier. Your main aim is to find a professional that can meet your needs; professionally and financially. Be picky! The wedding musicians you hire must be able to give the flawless atmosphere for your wedding.

What’s the Difference Between hiring musicians from self managed artists and wedding booking agents?

Who you appoint must mostly rely on the type of service you need for your wedding. It’s crucial that you keep in mind that booking agents are not musicians themselves; but rather can contract a particular person or some artists. The rates quoted by a wedding booking agent are not the genuine rate the musician and performer is getting paid. It is quite rare that a booking agent exposes how much the musicians are actually receiving payment. The prices quoted by a booking agent are considerably higher than the ones from self-managed musicians.

Self -Managed Wedding Music artists and bands

If you are on a semi-tight budget, you can choose a self-managed artists and musicians for wedding. Essentially, you’re excluding the middle man. Wedding booking Agents are brokers. Theirs is a business which is expensive and competitive. However, a more expensive price will not guarantee that the music performance can get better.

To find self-managed musicians and artists in Singapore, try typing the keywords “Singapore wedding musician” or even “wedding band in Singapore” in the search engine. If you are unsatisfied with the results, check the phone book. When you have a family or friends who can give a recommendation – it is much better. Ensure they have hired this artist/band for a wedding event. If not, it isn’t a really good recommendation.

You also need to tell an actual time and date for your musician’s services. Ensure this date and time are firm as almost all musicians in Singapore would not have flexible times.

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