Top 10 wedding planning tips and ideas

Having a stress-free wedding is a wish of every couple planning their big day. There are steps you need to undertake in order to have a successful wedding. Early preparations are one of the key things to consider as a way to avoid stressful wedding.

The earlier that you start preparing yourself the better time will be had for guests as well as the couple getting married. Furthermore, early drafting of the budget will help you to plan how much you will spend and even how you will source the money. Below are the best tips to consider while planning a wedding.

1. Consider the guests

The available space where you will be hosting your wedding will determine the number of guests to invite. If for instance, you have limited space at the venue, you will be forced to invite a small number of guest who comfortably fit within the space. You will also be needed to create space for the band that will be entertaining your guest so having the right number of guest will also give a room and space for this band.

2. Don’t clash with important Dates

Fixing the wedding day is another key task to be taken into consideration. It is important to ensure that you have fixed the day properly to avoid it clashing with other important days like a commercial meeting, interview date and even the date should not clash with other events in the same venue. The wedding date should be free of any problem and so to avoid this one should consider the calendars of VIP guests to select and schedule the perfect date.

3. Understand the advantages of each Season

It is good to understand the weather in every season so that the invited guest would not skip the event. Understanding the advantages of every season would properly help you to fix the date accordingly to overcome any annoyance it that very important day. In addition, one should be cautious to avoid areas known for pests or insects swarming in the area which may be due to the climate in different seasons.

During the summer months, an outdoor wedding in a tent is an affordable way to create a space to host your wedding reception. If you are planning an outdoor wedding, remember to arrange for an adequate power supply for the music and food refrigeration. You should discuss generators for weddings with a mobile power specialist to discover what type of generator is right for you. For the comfort of your guests, you should consider a silent generator.

4. Check credit limit

Another key factor to look at while planning for the wedding is the cost of conducting it. Weddings cost a lot of money so it is good to take advantage of the credit that will help you to budget and finance for the wedding. In addition, creating more credit lines may also help you to accumulate a lot of rewards from friends.

5. Planning for the meals

After knowing the number of guests to invite, it is also important to know the type of meal to prepare for them. As aforementioned, you should inform the caterers early enough to avoid late preparations. This will also ensure the caterers have in mind what they required to prepare that day. However, one should also try to choose good meals that can be affordable rather than choosing meals that will be a stress to provide to the guests.

6. Helping hand

Family members, friends and even work colleagues would be more willing to be part of the plan by volunteering their support for the preparation of the day. However, things may be in one way or the other not be like planned so it is good to frank and letting the people planning to support you know.

7. Keenly selecting the guest

Sorting the list of guest you intend to invite is the other hardest task that awaits you to undertake. You may be indifferent in selecting the type of guest to invite but to make it easy, you should try and sort that out with your partner. This will help you to determine the expense of the venue per head.

8. The venue should not be far

Sometimes people plan to have their wedding in areas where they had spent their childhood or away from where they live. In regard to this, one should keep in consideration where the major of the guests resident in order to reduce the inconvenience of long distance.

9. Having an alternative plan for venue

You may not be thinking of any inconvenience to happen that may tend to be an obstacle to your wedding, especially about the issue to do with the venue. However, it is safe enough to have an alternative plan for the venue if the major plan fails.

10. Early booking of prolific photographer

Important days need photos that will always remind of special days in your life. As a way to cherish those moments, you need the best photographer who will take clear and high-quality photos.

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