5 Weird Asian Wedding Traditions

Wedding is actually a universal celebration, but traditions differ based on country and culture. These are the five weird Asian wedding traditions and see how weird these fun weddings can be!

South Korea: Groom Spanking

In South Korea, guests must play a nastier prank. The groom is bound and tied by his friends then he will be spanked on his bare feet with a bamboo or a Corvina fish. ! Though nobody knows who initiated the tradition, it is claimed that the practice can improve the groom. That is why the bride doesn’t want to get involved!

Malaysia: Wedding Bladder Test

For the first 3 days of the couple marriage life, the Tidong tradition forbids the bride and groom from going to the toilet. No Bathing, No Shitting and No urinating. And the couple will be restricted to his or her house and watched to make sure that they can pass this odd rite. Bride and groom must be given very little food and water to survive the 3 days.

Why this must be done? The Tidong people consider that this can move away misfortune from the marriage.

Philippines: Pin the Money on the Bride

Have you ever dreamed of dancing to the music with thousand dollars pouring down on you? Well, in this weird wedding tradition from Philippines, the wedding couples actually do that. When the bride and groom do this tradition dance floor, friends, family, as well as other invited guest’s pin money throughout their hair, clothes, shoes, etc. It might seem a bit silly, particularly if your family and friends have prepared a scepter, sash, and scepter for you which are made of hard cash! Then again, you become a thousand dollars richer for it!

India: Tree Marriage Ceremony

This is true and No joke, people marry trees in some regions of India. These unlucky tree brides were regrettable enough to get born when Mars and Saturn were under the seventh house, which means that they will be cursed for early widowhood. Why do they do this? They must marry a tree! In a ceremony known as “Kumbh Vivah”, based on the information that I got from asiancustoms.eu, the only solution to remove the curse from a bride is to marry a banana or peepal tree! Then the tree is destroyed, and the curse is gone.

China:  Apple Dangling Kiss

In China, long-established weddings include parlor games to be more extreme. For them, this is fun, sidesplitting activity for the guests- both embarrassing and awkward for the wedding couple. One of those inappropriate and funny games requires an apple, a long ribbon, and a stick. To the cheering and happy moments from friends and family, the wedding couple must bite the apple while getting close, friend tugs the ribbon up that forces the couple to kiss or even fall on each other. Why this must be done? Based on their belief, apple , ( Píng Guǒ ) , much the same as peace , ( Píng ān ) , therefore it is considered that this can bring harmony and peace to the marital relationship.

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