5 great gift ideas for your girlfriend this Christmas

With Christmas just around the corner, the chances are that the panic is setting in. Fear not: today, we’ve put together great gift ideas for your girlfriend for the upcoming holiday season. 


It feels like everything’s a subscription nowadays. Want to listen to Ed Sheeran’s new album? Subscribe to Apple Music. Want to see what’s happening on Drag Race? Subscribe to Netflix. Want a few recipe ideas delivered to your door? Subscribe to Gousto. If you’re looking for a failsafe Christmas idea, a subscription to your girlfriend’s favourite makeup box or a Graze box, where she can enjoy healthy snacks delivered every week, is a great idea.

Smart speaker 

Smart speakers like the Google Nest and the Amazon Echo are bang on-trend, and the best part is that the basic models can be picked up from as little as $25. If you’re feeling super romantic, you could set up the speaker before Christmas day with a music subscription and a custom greeting, telling your girlfriend you love her on a morning. She’ll be sure to use it for productivity, and you’ll be able to give her a call whenever she’s working out at home.

Promise ring 

We’re not suggesting that you propose to your girlfriend this Christmas – although that’s a super romantic gesture – however, a promise ring is a great way to demonstrate your love and commitment to your partner, and a great excuse to buy some jewellery. Claddagh rings are a great idea – even if you’re not Irish, you’ll likely recognise them as one of the world’s most beautiful and intricate jewellery designs. Indeed, the trinity design on the ring represents love (because of the heart), friendship (the pair of hands), and loyalty (the crown), making it the perfect choice whether you’ve been dating for six months or six years. Ah, young love! 


Okay, so this is a tricky one, but it’s worth mentioning nonetheless. Grab your closest female friend and head to the mall to find some clothing that your girlfriend would love. Of course, you’ll need to be sneaky and check her clothing and shoe size beforehand, but if you’ve got a female helper in tow you should be able to pick up a few decent outfits. Pyjamas, jeans, t-shirts and dresses are all great gift ideas, and it gives you a chance to dress your other half in clothing you like. But remember: hold onto the receipt in case she’s not impressed!


Finally, stock up on some sweet-smelling candles, a staple in the cosy winter months. There are thousands of flavours to choose from, and you can even splash out on a personalised candle if your heart desires. Yankee is the most popular brand, but Boy Smells, Capri Blue, Homesick, Nest Fragrances and Lafco should also be considered. Avoid supermarket branded candles as they rarely have a long-lasting scent and you’ll be wasting your money.

We hope you found our gift guide useful. Whatever you’ve got planned for your loved one this Christmas, wish you a happy holiday. Here’s to many years of love and companionship!

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