Positively Georgia – An Inspiring Dog Tale

I was trying to find a book with an inspiring message to start the New Year for my 8 year old daughter. and I luckily found “Positively Georgia” on Amazon.  I knew my daughter liked dogs and the reviews of the book are great and I love the author too.

Anyway, she devoured this book and won’t even let friend’s borrow it as this book has become her favorite book. She has since read it again and I am sure she will pick it up again. I also read the book and it has so much charm, the main character has so much heart, curiosity, and vulnerability. I can see why she loved it. A must buy for any young girl!

Positively Georgia is the story of a ten year old Airedale Terrier who travels with her owner Norman on many adventures during the day and within her daydreams. This motivational dog tale is targeted towards 8+ year olds to awaken the amazing potential within them.

I really liked the mini-stories about the dogs that the author chose to write about. I found that the author is a very good story teller with a good descriptive style. I found that she described details in a manner that was visually realized through her choice of words. I think it can be read by any age group, this is an inspiring book, and I liked the author’s style of writing, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

It is a wonderful book with an uplifting message as she shares her positive helpful thoughts, encouraging children to believe in themselves, and boost confidence by sharing their gifts with the world. Your kids will be entertained by Georgia’s activities that include truck rides, jumping for bacon, and learning from interactions with other creatures.

If you have a pet or if you have a kid who is an animal lover, I highly recommend reading this book . A good book from a talented writer and I recommend it to all, especially dog lovers.

You Can Get Positively Georgia (English Version) here! Or Hungarian Version here

Visit Ferrisbooks.com to learn more about the author Liz Ferris, or visit Liz Ferris on her Facebook page here!  

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