Summer Favorites: O’Neill’s “I Do” Top

Summer may be slowly fading away, but I’m still holding onto some of my summer favorites. Let’s talk about the top I wore ALL summer long, O’Neill’s ridiculously awesome (ridawesome?) “I Do” top.

O’Neill was gracious enough to send one over in my ALL-TIME FAVORITE COLOR (pink, if you haven’t figured that out by now); you can also snag one in grey. Here’s the deets: it is 100% Cotton with a lace front panel and a jersey back panel… but as shown in the photo, it’s TOTALLY reversible. I wore mine with the lace in front, mostly, over black bikini tops.

It’s a super cute cover-up to throw over your swimsuit, and it’s perfect for layering (to bring you into Fall!) It’s extra long – it came down past my Pockets are always a plus when it comes to clothing, right?

My MOM even said was it was cute, and that NEVER happens. I pretty much wore it every single day, without fail, all summer long. I was wearing it during a bike ride where I fell into a puddle of black murk (see below).

I was SO sad, because I thought my top was RUINED. Screw my bloody knees, I needed to fix my O’Neill shirt! However, I soaked it in the sink for a few hours and all was restored to its natural awesomeness. If it’s too summery for you, remember that I live in sunny So Cal, so I’m still workin’ the HELL out of this top!

However, I’m also coveting the “Fly With Me” Top, which I need to get my manicured hands on because I see that becoming a Fall Favorite! Check out the O’Neill Girls website at to scope their new looks (I can’t wait to show you their Spring 12 line, which I recently got a sneak peek of!), and check out their way super fun blog.

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