Elope Ideas for your wedding

Need Elope Ideas? Are you thinking about eloping? It’s definitely a type of wedding to consider! Here’s my personal story – I eloped with my husband! We talked and talked and talked about a big wedding, but could never seem to figure out how to make it happen. It was too much money, so much planning, family squabbles, where to have it, and drama after drama after drama…so we decided to elope! For us, we chose to keep it simple and cheap, but yet we wanted to do something really special for the day because it was really important to us. Our ceremony was on a cliff overlooking the ocean about an hour away from our house in California. We had snacks at a rooftop cafe overlooking the ocean afterward with the couple of friends and family members that came (at a couple days notice!). Then we jumped on a boat to Catalina Island for a quick two day getaway! It turned out perfect for us! We were very happy!

Anyway, if you’re thinking about eloping here are the things you need to think about! Elope ideas:

  • When? Pick a day – any day!
  • Where? Is location important to you? Do you want to get married somewhere in particular or will the local courthouse work? Do you want to get married near where you live or somewhere exotic and on the beach?
  • Who will marry you? Some locations, like the courthouse will include this, but if not you may need to hire an officiant.
  • Expense? How much can you afford to pay for your wedding. Even eloping can be expensive if you go all out!
  • Marriage License/Legalities? Different places have different rules. Make sure you are able to get a marriage license before or on your wedding day and that you follow all the legalities.
  • Clothing/flowers/accessories/etc? Is there anything you want for your special day? A wedding dress? Flowers? Music?
  • Photography/Video? What momentoes do you want from the day?
  • Are you going to invite/tell anyone? Do you want to let a couple of people know you’re getting married? Do you want any close friends/family in attendance? This is totally up to you! Tell a couple people or tell nobody!
  • Announcement? If you don’t tell anyone (or even if you do), you should consider sending out or creatively announcing your marriage. It will be good for people to know your significant other is now your spouse!
  • Most people send out a wedding announcement for this. My husband and I felt creative…and posted an announcement video for everyone to watch! Do whatever works for you!
  • Honeymoon? Just because you’re eloping doesn’t mean you can’t have a honeymoon! Think about it!
  • Registering for gifts? I know. I know, but you’re eloping! Still, the first emails/calls I got were: Are you registered? People wanted to send gifts. Just register, in case. And, don’t forget the thank you’s if people send you gifts!
  • Party after? Yes, you can have a party afterwards, but only if you want to have one. It is not necessary to have a party if it doesn’t interest you. If you do have a party – share the photos, wear your dress, whatever you like. It’s a great way to introduce your new spouse to your family and friends! And, it can be very low key from a BBQ to a dinner party to a picnic to a fancy bash – it’s up to you!

These are just the basic elope ideas to think about if you’re eloping! You can make it as simple…or as complicated as you want. It is your wedding after all!

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