The essential pair of shoes for the wedding day!

Are you that lady who just received a wedding invitation and are planning to attend since you’ve at last decided what you’re going to wear but the only problem is that you’re clueless on what pair of shoes exactly will go best with your outfit? Well, now you don’t have to worry since there are a variety of types of shoes that can go well with as formal an occasion as a wedding, no matter if you’re merely a guest or someone whose big day it is!

Ostentatiously glamorous is the way to go!

The most iconic way to stand out from the crowd- especially when you’re at a wedding, is to look sassy and classy, a look that personifies grace and personality as a whole and without a doubt, shoes play one of the essential roles on such occasions. Shoes genuinely end up forming your walk style, thus boosting your confidence since you’re that one person people are stopping by again and again just to know where your shoes are from, even more so if just imagine you’re the bride!

“Every successful lady has a fantastic pair of shoes,” they say. However, it sounds even more convincing if one says and believes, “behind every successful wedding, there are dozens of lovely pairs of shoes,”. Shoes are one such fashion accessory that no woman can ever have too many of. Every woman’s wardrobe should include at least one of each color and style. However, there are some pairs of shoes that are completely bridal material and should not be overlooked during the wedding season. Below are some exceptional shoes’ options one might want to fetch if her wedding is around the corner or merely someone who’s the attendee.

Pump Heels; pumps are reserved for the most fashionable brides. This type of footwear is amazing and makes you appear extremely tall. Pumps look great with heels most of the time. Ideal for short brides, especially if their significant other is taller. Pumps are available in a wide range of styles and colors. You can choose the one that best compliments your bridal gown. One cannot thank the inventor of neutral pumps enough! Whether glossy or matte, pumps are essential items in any woman’s shoe collection. During the wedding season, as you prepare to attend bachelorette parties and cocktail parties, these become even more important, especially if you want to buy something that can also be worn on casual days. What else? They are highly current and contemporary, fulfilling your desire to look sassy at perhaps your bestie’s wedding! If you are shopping online, always look for the variety of brands available on the same website, that would be helpful to compare, for example, FarFetch, Shein or Zappos. If you are shopping with Zappos, don’t forget to use the Zappos coupon code.

Sandals; wedding sandals are quite popular among brides and come in a range of colors and styles, with or without heels.  These are regarded to be exceptionally comfortable and portable footwear. Ankle strap sandals, for instance, are the ideal choice for brides who wish to wear heels. The sandal straps keep the balance stable and provide excellent support. Strap sandals are appropriate when you’re wearing high heels, particularly a pencil heel. Grab your strap sandals, walk, dance or climb up those stairs without any hesitation!

Mules; after wedding sandals, mules are a popular choice for bridal footwear. Mules come in a range of styles and different heel levels, usually small.  They are simple to put on and carry to the wedding. Most of the brides who choose mules over other bridal footwear, agree that mules are one of the most comfortable shoes to wear at a wedding. Basically if you’re a bride and chose to wear mules, it’s time for you to be YOU!

Wedges; nicknamed as “the princess pride,” are simple, comfy, and stunning footwear for brides who like to be cautious with their heels. Wedges are a comfy and cozy option for brides who do not wish to wear pointed or pencil heels. Wedges feature platform heels that allow brides to do everything from walk to dance to climb, effortlessly and conveniently. Wedge footwear is abundant on the market, ranging from plain wedges to embroidered/silk fancy wedges to versatile wedges.

The ultimate healer with pro tips!

It is quite often that, be it bride or guest, women usually tend to wear heels for occasions like weddings and in most cases end up complaining about the after-effects which are not very calming such as sprained ankles, swollen feet, broken toes, fractures etc. It is critical to maintain healthy blood circulation in the feet and practice appropriate foot care. Massage your feet to help induce relaxation, increase blood flow, and reduce tension. For instance, a foot massage could be helpful in such cases as it includes applying pressure to the feet, either manually or with technological help, in order to induce relaxation and wellness. A professional foot massage from a spa might be relaxing through a foot massager however, a self-massage or just rubbing your feet can also relieve discomfort and help you relax. Moreover, just for the sake of fitting in one should never buy shoes that are only aesthetically appealing and not comfortable as discomfort can be seen on the face immediately as it appears and can ruin your few hours of celebration.

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