Timeless and handcrafted wedding favors for guests from keramicke-darceky.sk

A wedding symbolizes the start of a new life for two people who have decided to walk the path of life together. It is a significant celebration of love, commitment, and mutual trust.

Every guest carefully prepares for this event, which, however, passes quickly. If there were something that would remind them of this significant event, a trinket or souvenir that each guest would take from the wedding celebration home.
Wedding favors for guests usually play an important role in wedding traditions. They are one way for newlyweds to thank their families and friends for their presence and support during their wedding.

And this opportunity is provided by Keramicke-darceky.sk, where there is in offer original and personalized ceramic magnets for the fridge with permanent print of the names of the newlyweds and the date of the wedding. And where it is also possible to have a design made according to your own wishes. In their collection, you can also find ceramic bells that ring beautifully.

You can use the special editor, which has various templates, ready-made graphic themes or pictures of rings and other drawings on the theme of the wedding. They offer magnets in the shapes of horseshoes, fourleaves and hearts in different sizes, which have a hole on the top, through which a satin ribbon is tied by hand into the shape of a bow.
They offer different colors of ribbon, but the most used and most wanted are white with gold trim. The print is permanent and cannot be damaged because it is sealed under the glaze of the high-temperature pottery oven.
If you wish for your wedding day to be “literally” unforgettable, give your guests personalized favors from Keramicke-darceky.sk.

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