How to Get Sponsors on Your Wedding

Are you having trouble making your budget and still achieving the wedding of your dreams? With the average cost of today’s wedding at $30,000, you are certainly not alone. But being short on cash doesn’t necessarily mean you have to make it up by turning in your dreams.

What is a Sponsored Wedding?

A sponsored wedding is a great option for couples that need a little bit of a break in order to make their dream wedding into a reality. A sponsored wedding is made possible when, for example, caterers or bakers provide services free of charge in order to get noticed via advertising. Sponsors can be listed in the program, in the invitation, on place cards, or on a wedding website.

Convincing Sponsors to Come to Your Wedding

Sponsored weddings gain a lot of attention in the celebrity world. Those of us who lack fame are now beginning to take advantage of this cost-cutting opportunity, too. The trick is in the couple convincing potential vendors that their wedding is a place where their advertising will be seen and make an impact.

One key to convincing sponsors that providing a service for your wedding free of charge is to focus on local shops that have a broader focus than just weddings. For example, a local florist would be a better bet to provide flower arrangements than a bridal emporium, as wedding guests are unlikely to use a bridal emporium for their next purchase of flowers, but they would probably remember the name of the local florist who provided the beautiful arrangements at their neighbor’s daughter’s wedding.


Some people will inevitably feel that a sponsored wedding is tacky. Even when placed with tact, product advertisement will be a topic of conversation among guests and may even detract from the celebratory atmosphere. Some guests may even feel they don’t need to be generous with their gifts, if you have your own sponsors. It is crucial to take these possibilities into account before you decide to make up the shortfall in your wedding budget by having a sponsored wedding.

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