How to Choose the Best Wedding Dress Designer

Haute Couture

A Haute Couture wedding dress designer will create a dress that will make a woman look glamorous and stunning. Usually, these dresses are made of exquisite materials, such as lace and applique. These fabrics also have the effect of making a dress look light and airy. There are many types of Haute Couture wedding dresses, and you can choose from them depending on the style of your wedding. Continue reading “How to Choose the Best Wedding Dress Designer”

The essential pair of shoes for the wedding day!

Are you that lady who just received a wedding invitation and are planning to attend since you’ve at last decided what you’re going to wear but the only problem is that you’re clueless on what pair of shoes exactly will go best with your outfit? Well, now you don’t have to worry since there are a variety of types of shoes that can go well with as formal an occasion as a wedding, no matter if you’re merely a guest or someone whose big day it is! Continue reading “The essential pair of shoes for the wedding day!”

7 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Suit for a Wedding

You have your tickets, your pre-wedding nerves are slowly receding and you’re now looking forward to the big day. There are just a few more things to tick off your list, but one of them is anything but trivial: choosing a suit. Whether you’re the groom, best man or simply an attendee, you need to get a suit that fits well and looks good – after all, it’s one of the most important parts of every wedding outfit. If this sounds like something that might give you sleepless nights, read on for some useful advice about how to choose the perfect suit from the Mens suit stores for your occasion. Continue reading “7 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Suit for a Wedding”

Moissanite Engagement Rings – A Diamond Alternative

For hundreds of years, diamond has been considered as a symbol of true love. It reflects affection, trust , security, and a life-long commitment. When you give a diamond to a special woman, be in the form of engagement ring, you do not need to say the rest. It can make your loved one realize your seriousness to her. It can represent your love in the most effective way.

You might find many different diamond engagement rings available in the market today. Such engagement rings are available in many different styles and shapes. It is good to choose diamond as the gemstone for such engagement rings due to the fact diamond is considered wonderful and it has become the hardest of natural substances available on the earth. This is the main reason why many people consider it precious and truly feel that wearing diamond engagement ring can deliver same kind of good fortune in their whole lives. Continue reading “Moissanite Engagement Rings – A Diamond Alternative”

Positively Georgia – An Inspiring Dog Tale

I was trying to find a book with an inspiring message to start the New Year for my 8 year old daughter. and I luckily found “Positively Georgia” on Amazon.  I knew my daughter liked dogs and the reviews of the book are great and I love the author too.

Anyway, she devoured this book and won’t even let friend’s borrow it as this book has become her favorite book. She has since read it again and I am sure she will pick it up again. I also read the book and it has so much charm, the main character has so much heart, curiosity, and vulnerability. I can see why she loved it. A must buy for any young girl! Continue reading “Positively Georgia – An Inspiring Dog Tale”